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Kakushin is dedicated to transforming startup dreams into tangible successes. Our comprehensive suite of services, including BrandCraft Tailored Triumph, LaunchPad Blitz, MVP Forge, and PivotPro Guidance, ensures that every aspect of a startup's journey from concept to market is meticulously catered to.

We believe in the potential of every idea to innovate and disrupt, and we commit ourselves fully to turn these ideas into reality.

By blending creativity with strategic execution, Kakushin acts as a relentless ally to startups, helping them navigate challenges and seize opportunities with precision and passion. We don't just support startups; we elevate them, making their vision for innovation and success a shared mission.

Our Team

In the fast-paced startup ecosystem, our professionals—ranging from strategic planners and tech innovators to research specialists and communication mavens—collaborate seamlessly to elevate startups from nascent ideas to market-ready successes.

Our unique blend of skills ensures a comprehensive approach to each phase of startup development, from conceptualization and market entry strategies to operational support and growth acceleration.

By integrating diverse expertise with a unified goal, we turn complex challenges into scalable opportunities, making Kakushin the go-to partner for startups aiming to disrupt and lead in their industries.

Our Services

    This offering encompasses the essence of transforming startup visions into reality. From the initial MVP development to strategic market positioning, Startup Elevate provides a comprehensive toolkit for entrepreneurs ready to ascend. It's designed to navigate the complexities of the startup ecosystem, ensuring that every venture is equipped with the insights, strategies, and tools necessary for success.

Startup Elevate

    Visionary Launch targets the critical early stages of a startup, focusing on ideation, branding, and market introduction. By combining the elements of BrandCraft Tailored Triumph and LaunchPad Blitz, this service ensures that startups not only debut with a strong brand identity but also with a clear, executable strategy for market penetration and growth.

Visionary Launch

    A service tailored for startups and research companies poised for scaling, Growth Navigator combines PivotPro Guidance with advanced operational and strategic support. It offers a roadmap for sustained growth, leveraging in-depth market research, strategic planning, and execution support to steer startups through scaling challenges, ensuring they remain agile and competitive.

Growth Navigator

Branding Packages

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BrandCraft Tailored Triumph



BrandCraft Tailored Triumph, a service formerly encapsulating the essence of Customized Brand Excellence, is our premium offering for large corporations and businesses seeking a comprehensive and personalized rebranding experience. This service spans from crafting logo variations to designing web and app interfaces, product packaging, and executing detailed marketing strategies. Tailored specifically to each client's unique aspirations and requirements, it guarantees a distinguished and impactful brand overhaul.

LaunchPad Blitz



LaunchPad Blitz, an evolution of our Startup Sprint Program, is a dynamic accelerator designed to fast-track startups from the ideation phase to being pitch-ready in a mere 10 weeks. Covering pivotal areas such as product development, emerging market trends, digital marketing, financial savvy, and legal insights, the program culminates in a pitch event that gives startups the opportunity to showcase their vision to potential investors. It's an intensive boot camp aimed at equipping entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to launch successfully.

MVP Forge



MVP Forge, which builds upon the foundation of our Startup MVP Development service, is dedicated to helping startups transform their visionary ideas into market-ready products. Through a comprehensive process that includes ideation, design, prototyping, and user testing, this service is instrumental for startups seeking to validate their business models and swiftly introduce a product that meets market demands. It's the cornerstone service for any startup looking to navigate the product development journey with expertise and precision.

PivotPro Guidance



PivotPro Guidance offers strategic and operational support to startups and research companies, previously encapsulated under the interim support services. This includes crafting compelling proposal writings, creating impactful pitch decks, and preparing essential procedural documentation. Aimed at guiding startups through their critical growth stages, this service ensures that businesses are well-equipped to secure funding, engage with investors, and streamline their operations for sustained growth and success.


Brand Revive Accelerator

Designed for small businesses and startups seeking an entry-level rebranding solution. In just 2-4 weeks, we offer a revitalized brand identity with logo redesign, a new brand color palette, and typography selection, all presented in a basic brand guidelines document.

This package also includes content marketing services, SEO for enhanced online visibility, social media management for a consistent online presence, email marketing campaigns, online advertising (Google Ads and social media), promotional video production, and public relations services for increased brand awareness.

It's the perfect choice for businesses with budget constraints looking to refresh their brand and amplify their online presence and marketing efforts.


Momentum Builder Suite

Designed for mid-sized businesses and startups aiming to reposition themselves in the market while prioritizing a comprehensive rebranding strategy with an emphasis on marketing.

With a duration of 6-8 weeks, this package includes a range of services, such as a thorough logo redesign with 2-3 variations, an extended color palette encompassing primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, a structured typography hierarchy for headings, subheadings, body, and captions, basic UI mockups for a website landing page, and a standard brand guidelines document that provides in-depth guidance on brand application.

Moreover, our Middle Tier Rebranding package incorporates content marketing services, covering blog posts, articles, and social media content, as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to enhance online visibility.

We offer an effective social media management plan to maintain a consistent online presence and engage with your target audience. The package also includes meticulously crafted email marketing campaigns with sample templates, and public relations services to boost brand awareness and secure media coverage.


Total Brand Revamp

Introducing our Full Rebranding package, the ultimate solution for established businesses or startups seeking a complete brand transformation along with comprehensive marketing support.

In a span of 10-12 weeks, this package offers an extensive array of services, including in-depth logo redesign with multiple variations, a comprehensive brand color suite, a full typography system, UI/UX website redesign, and the design of key marketing collateral. It also provides in-depth brand guidelines, social media profile and cover image design, content marketing, SEO services, social media management, email marketing campaigns, online advertising, video production, and public relations support.

Perfect for those in need of a total brand overhaul, our Full Rebranding package ensures your brand's complete and impactful revitalization.


Customized Brand Excellence

A bespoke solution tailored to meet the unique needs of large corporations and businesses with specific rebranding requirements.

Our offering encompasses a wide range of services, including logo variations, brand collateral designs, web and app design, product packaging, merchandise design, physical branding, multi-language guidelines, video branding, content marketing, SEO, social media management, email campaigns, online advertising, video production, public relations, stakeholder interviews, and custom brand strategy sessions.

This comprehensive suite provides a one-stop solution, delivering a personalized and holistic approach to rebranding, making it the perfect choice for businesses seeking a tailored and all-encompassing rebranding solution

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