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Embark on a transformative journey with LaunchPad:

Kakushin’s 10-Week Startup Sprint, where cutting-edge insights, expert guidance, and a community of innovators await to catapult your startup to the forefront of success. With the opportunity to get 15K Euro in funding at the end of the sprint.


Where dreams become

LaunchPad: Kakushin’s 10-Week Startup Sprint is a meticulously designed program tailored to propel aspiring entrepreneurs and their startups into a realm of unparalleled growth and innova- tion. Over the course of ten weeks, participants will delve deep into essential aspects of entrepre- neurship - from idea validation and market research to financial management and investor relations. Each week is packed with insightful sessions led by industry experts, engaging debates, and real-world case studies, culminating in practical application and personalized mentorship. The program reaches its climax with a Demo Day, where participants will showcase their refined pitch decks to a panel of investors and industry leaders. This is not just a learning journey; it's a competitive platform with a grand prize of €15,000 in funding, awarded to the most compelling pitch deck - and all of this without any equity taken. This is your chance to accelerate your start- up's journey, gain invaluable insights, network with like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts, and potentially secure funding to fuel your business dreams.

For who

LaunchPad: Kakushin’s 10-Week Startup Sprint is ideally suited for early-stage startups, particularly those at the concept or prototype stages, focusing on innovative solutions in Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

    From crafting a distinctive brand identity to orchestrating effective brand activation strategies, we've got you fully covered. Our mission is to empower you to establish a commanding brand presence, forge meaningful connections with your target audience, and realize your ambitious goals.


    Unleash the potential of your business and breathe life into your ideas through strategic marketing initiatives. Our approach is grounded in meticulous research, ensuring that we deliver innovative solutions that stand outside the conventional norms while aligning seamlessly with your core objectives.


    From ideation to execution, we cover every step of your project's journey, ensuring it evolves into a successful reality. We work tirelessly to turn your concepts into concrete outcomes, helping you reach your milestones and objectives efficiently and effectively.


Week by Week schedule

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  • Week 1: Introduction to the Program and Startup Ecosystem



    Session 1: Program Kick-off and Introduction

    This session aims to set the stage for the entire program. It's designed to welcome participants into the accelerator community, familiarize them with the program structure, and set clear expectations. The session focuses on building rapport among participants, introducing the facilitators and mentors, and establishing a supportive, collaborative environment conducive to learning and innovation.

    Outcome: Participants will understand the program's structure and objectives, and establish a network with peers and mentors.

    Debate Topic: "Is the traditional startup ecosystem still relevant in the era of digital entrepreneurship?"

    Case Study: Overview of Airbnb's rise within the startup ecosystem.

    Implementation Checklist: Set personal goals for the program, engage in networking activities, and familiarize with program resources.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A successful digital entrepreneur or an expert in startup ecosystems.

    Session 2: Understanding the Startup Ecosystem

    Outcome: Comprehensive understanding of global and local startup ecosystems, and how they impact business growth.

    Debate Topic: "Global vs. Local Startup Ecosystems: Which is more crucial for startup success?"

    Case Study: Analysis of Silicon Valley’s ecosystem model.

    Implementation Checklist: Identify key players in your local ecosystem, attend local startup events, and engage with local incubators.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: An analyst or journalist specializing in global startup trends.

  • Week 2: Idea Validation and Market Research



    Session 1: Concept and Importance of Idea Validation

    Outcome: Mastery of strategies to validate business ideas effectively, ensuring they meet market needs.

    Debate Topic: "Customer Feedback vs. Market Data: Which is more important in idea validation?"

    Case Study: Dropbox's early validation process.

    Implementation Checklist: Conduct customer interviews, develop surveys, and analyze feedback for your product idea.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A product manager from a successful startup.

    Session 2: Conducting Effective Market Research

    Outcome: Skills in conducting thorough market research using modern tools, gaining insights into market trends and customer needs.

    Debate Topic: "Quantitative vs. Qualitative Market Research: Which provides more actionable insights?"

    Case Study: Airbnb's market research to identify and expand into new markets.

    Implementation Checklist: Utilize market research tools, analyze competitor strategies, and create a detailed market research report.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: Market research expert or data analyst.

  • Week 3: Business Models and Planning



    Session 1: Exploring Business Models

    Outcome: Understanding various business models, especially tech-driven models, and identifying the most suitable one for your startup.

    Debate Topic: "Subscription vs. Freemium Models: Which is more sustainable for tech startups?"

    Case Study: Spotify’s subscription-based business model.

    Implementation Checklist: Evaluate different business models, assess their fit with your startup, and develop a business model canvas.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A successful entrepreneur who has experimented with multiple business models.

    Session 2: Crafting a Tech-Infused Business Plan

    Outcome: Ability to craft a detailed, tech-aware business plan that aligns with market dynamics and startup goals.

    Debate Topic: "Business Planning: An outdated ritual or a necessity for startups?"

    Case Study: A tech startup’s journey from business plan to funding.

    Implementation Checklist: Develop a business plan draft, incorporate tech strategies, and review it with a mentor.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A venture capitalist or business planning expert.

  • Week 4: Product Development and Tech Trends



    Session 1: Fundamentals of Product Development

    Outcome: Participants will gain an understanding of the product development life cycle, focusing on creating products that meet user needs and market demands.

    Debate Topic: "Lean Startup Methodology vs. Traditional Product Development: Which yields more successful products?"

    Case Study: Instagram's evolution from Burbn to a leading social media platform.

    Implementation Checklist: Identify key features for your MVP, gather user feedback, and plan for iterative development.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A product manager from a company known for successful product launches.

    Session 2: Current and Emerging Tech Trends

    Outcome: Knowledge of how current and emerging technology trends, especially AI, can be leveraged for innovation and competitive advantage.

    Debate Topic: "Is AI a threat or an opportunity for startups?"

    Case Study: Tesla's integration of AI in autonomous vehicles.

    Implementation Checklist: Stay updated on tech trends, evaluate which trends can benefit your startup, and plan for tech integration.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A technology futurist or an AI expert.

  • Week 5: Marketing Strategies and Digital Trends



    Session 1: Marketing for Startups

    Outcome: Understanding of effective, budget-friendly marketing strategies suitable for startups.

    Debate Topic: "Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: What's best for early-stage startups?"

    Case Study: Dollar Shave Club's disruptive marketing campaign.

    Implementation Checklist: Develop a digital marketing strategy, use analytics to track performance, and adapt strategies based on results.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A digital marketing expert or a founder with a strong background in startup marketing.

    Session 2: AI in Marketing and Customer Acquisition

    Outcome: Insight into how AI can optimize marketing efforts and enhance customer acquisition.

    Debate Topic: "Personalization in Marketing: Driven by Creativity or AI?"

    Case Study: Amazon's use of AI for customer recommendations.

    Implementation Checklist: Explore AI marketing tools, implement AI-driven marketing techniques, and monitor customer engagement.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: An expert in AI-driven marketing strategies.

  • Week 6: Sales Strategies and Growth



    Session 1: Effective Sales Techniques for Startups

    Outcome: Mastery of sales techniques that are effective in the startup environment, including building sales funnels and customer relationship management.

    Debate Topic: "Solution Selling vs. Product Selling: What's more effective in the startup world?"

    Case Study: Salesforce's approach to solution selling.

    Implementation Checklist: Develop a sales strategy, practice sales pitches, and analyze sales data for improvement.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A seasoned sales director from a successful startup.

    Session 2: Growth Hacking and AI

    Outcome: Understanding of growth hacking techniques and how AI can be used to drive startup growth.

    Debate Topic: "Growth Hacking: Ingenious Innovation or Overhyped Buzzword?"

    Case Study: LinkedIn's use of network effects and AI for growth.

    Implementation Checklist: Identify potential growth hacks, implement AI tools for growth analysis, and track growth metrics.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A growth hacking expert or a founder who has successfully implemented growth strategies.

  • Week 7: Financial Management and Fintech



    Session 1: Finance Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs

    Outcome: Participants will gain a clear understanding of essential financial concepts, budgeting, and financial planning crucial for startup sustainability.

    Debate Topic: "Bootstrapping vs. Seeking External Funding: What's the best financial approach for startups?"

    Case Study: Stripe's financial management strategies as a fintech startup.

    Implementation Checklist: Analyze your startup's financial health, create a budget plan, and understand key financial metrics.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A financial advisor or CFO from a successful startup.

    Session 2: Fintech and AI in Finance

    Outcome: Insight into the role of fintech and AI in transforming financial services and how startups can benefit from these technologies.

    Debate Topic: "Fintech Revolution: Disruption or Evolution in the Financial Industry?"

    Case Study: The rise and impact of robo-advisors in personal finance.

    Implementation Checklist: Explore fintech solutions for your startup, consider implementing AI in your financial processes, and stay updated on fintech trends.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A fintech entrepreneur or an AI in finance expert.

  • Week 8: Legal Aspects and Intellectual Property



    Session 1: Legal Basics for Startups

    Outcome: A solid understanding of legal challenges and necessities, including company formation, IP rights, and compliance.

    Debate Topic: "Intellectual Property in Startups: Essential Asset or Unnecessary Burden?"

    Case Study: Facebook's early legal challenges and learnings.

    Implementation Checklist: Ensure legal compliance, protect intellectual property, and understand the legalities of fundraising.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A startup-focused legal advisor or IP attorney.

    Session 2: Technology Compliance and Legal Tech Tools

    Outcome: Knowledge of tech compliance issues and how legal tech tools can aid in managing legal processes efficiently.

    Debate Topic: "The Impact of GDPR on Global Tech Startups: Barrier or Benefit?"

    Case Study: A tech startup's journey through GDPR compliance.

    Implementation Checklist: Adopt legal tech tools, stay informed about compliance in tech, and prioritize data security.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A legal tech expert or a compliance officer.

  • Week 9: Pitching and Investor Relations



    Session 1: The Art of Pitching

    Outcome: Mastery in creating and delivering compelling pitches that effectively communicate a startup's value proposition to investors.

    Debate Topic: "The Perfect Pitch: Artistic Storytelling or Data-Driven Presentation?"

    Case Study: Analysis of a successful pitch from "Shark Tank" or "Dragon’s Den."

    Implementation Checklist: Develop and refine your pitch, practice in various settings, and seek feedback for improvement.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: An experienced investor or a pitching coach.

    Session 2: Preparing for Investor Meetings

    Outcome: Preparedness for successful investor meetings, including understanding investor expectations and negotiation skills.

    Debate Topic: "The Investor-Startup Relationship: Partnership or Power Play?"

    Case Study: Uber's Series B funding round and key takeaways.

    Implementation Checklist: Research potential investors, create investor-specific presentations, and practice negotiation strategies.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A venture capitalist or angel investor.

  • Week 10: Demo Day and Program Conclusion



    Session 1: Final Preparations for Demo Day

    Outcome: Final refinement and rehearsal of pitches, ensuring readiness to present to investors and stakeholders.

    Debate Topic: "The Importance of Demo Days in a Startup's Journey: Showcase or Showdown?"

    Case Study: A retrospective look at a successful startup launch from a past Demo Day.

    Implementation Checklist: Polish your pitch, prepare all presentation materials, and conduct final rehearsals.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: A successful entrepreneur who excelled at a similar Demo Day event.

    SSession 2: Demo Day

    Outcome: Real-world experience of presenting to a panel of potential investors and experts, with a competitive edge for the best pitch deck.

    Debate Topic: "Is winning a pitch competition indicative of future startup success?"

    Case Study: A success story of a startup that gained significant traction after winning a pitch competition.

    Implementation Checklist: Deliver a confident presentation, engage with the audience, and follow up with interested parties post-event.

    Guest Speaker Suggestion: An influential figure in the startup investment community.

    These detailed elements for each session will ensure a robust, engaging, and practical learning experience, positioning participants for success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.


Brand Revive Accelerator

Designed for small businesses and startups seeking an entry-level rebranding solution. In just 2-4 weeks, we offer a revitalized brand identity with logo redesign, a new brand color palette, and typography selection, all presented in a basic brand guidelines document.

This package also includes content marketing services, SEO for enhanced online visibility, social media management for a consistent online presence, email marketing campaigns, online advertising (Google Ads and social media), promotional video production, and public relations services for increased brand awareness.

It's the perfect choice for businesses with budget constraints looking to refresh their brand and amplify their online presence and marketing efforts.


Momentum Builder Suite

Designed for mid-sized businesses and startups aiming to reposition themselves in the market while prioritizing a comprehensive rebranding strategy with an emphasis on marketing.

With a duration of 6-8 weeks, this package includes a range of services, such as a thorough logo redesign with 2-3 variations, an extended color palette encompassing primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, a structured typography hierarchy for headings, subheadings, body, and captions, basic UI mockups for a website landing page, and a standard brand guidelines document that provides in-depth guidance on brand application.

Moreover, our Middle Tier Rebranding package incorporates content marketing services, covering blog posts, articles, and social media content, as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to enhance online visibility.

We offer an effective social media management plan to maintain a consistent online presence and engage with your target audience. The package also includes meticulously crafted email marketing campaigns with sample templates, and public relations services to boost brand awareness and secure media coverage.


Total Brand Revamp

Introducing our Full Rebranding package, the ultimate solution for established businesses or startups seeking a complete brand transformation along with comprehensive marketing support.

In a span of 10-12 weeks, this package offers an extensive array of services, including in-depth logo redesign with multiple variations, a comprehensive brand color suite, a full typography system, UI/UX website redesign, and the design of key marketing collateral. It also provides in-depth brand guidelines, social media profile and cover image design, content marketing, SEO services, social media management, email marketing campaigns, online advertising, video production, and public relations support.

Perfect for those in need of a total brand overhaul, our Full Rebranding package ensures your brand's complete and impactful revitalization.


Customized Brand Excellence

A bespoke solution tailored to meet the unique needs of large corporations and businesses with specific rebranding requirements.

Our offering encompasses a wide range of services, including logo variations, brand collateral designs, web and app design, product packaging, merchandise design, physical branding, multi-language guidelines, video branding, content marketing, SEO, social media management, email campaigns, online advertising, video production, public relations, stakeholder interviews, and custom brand strategy sessions.

This comprehensive suite provides a one-stop solution, delivering a personalized and holistic approach to rebranding, making it the perfect choice for businesses seeking a tailored and all-encompassing rebranding solution


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